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Website and Business Cards

At the present moment, anything relevant to me will remain under my name, Alice B Stacey, this makes future alterations much easier to handle, and makes it easier to approach employers as a brand new graduate when the summer arrives.

On the website that I have linked to this blog, I have a selection of art work that I’ve produced, a contact and about page, and a page connecting to the vimeo account where I’ve been uploading all of my footage for university (and things for the future too).
The website is also subject to alteration however, I’ll make those decisions when I reach them, this might include social media pages. I don’t have any well established social media links right now, I’ve felt apprehensive about my work being online, outside of university and portfolio or whether it was ready for an internet crowd but, when I make an established site/page I will incorporate it into the website and to this blog, this blog has been useful for recording my thought processes, and it’d be a shame to let the site go to waste after University.

Currently I do not have any business cards, my plan of action for the weekend is to get my first samples, I’m going to locate my bear gif that I’ve used like a logo, and I’m going to add colour to one of the frames as I don’t think any of the stills from my present work are quite right for a business card. I might also use it as a part of the display for the degree show in June, I’ve had a lot of nice comments on the bear saying that it reflects my work, and I’m happy it makes people feel that way.

I’m going to continue to keep a consistent font and style too, I will also make alterations to the CV when the time is right so the three things really match. But like on this blog I like the theme I’m accidentally using of using very natural very soft colours like greens, pinks, whites and browns, reminds me of spring and I like that imagery.

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