6DM 029 · 6DM028

Animating Progress

I’ve been refining areas this week, fixing perspective in shots, evaluating if shots are flowing, if the timing is working and how smooth things look to the eye.

Taking time to re-evaluate shots and make sure the ratio and proportions are correct. My character is small so I used references like this below.

Image result for homeless toy

Image result for rainy city

My animation contains some small seconds shots of cars, so I’ve been looking at resources like the above to feel more confident about the motion of wheels and other aspects as i wanted the movement to feel believable this is important to me, because I want each shot to read as well as possible.

In this process I also realised that though I improved the cars in this shot (see below comparison ).

I didn’t need to work as hard as they’re not the main aspect, I could find a common model of car and trace maybe something like a Renault “Twingo” or a Ford Fiesta etc.

Image result for twingo car

As these are modern cars it is A LOT easier to find images of them, and of different angles making them easier to draw or learn how to draw.

I mention this based on experience of looking for an old classic car for Detective Horse where it was not easy.

Perhaps in the future I could trial 3D as an option for simplifying things I can’t quite draw yet. I’ve seen a similar method somewhere where people design rooms or other features to make it easier to draw in characters or objects into environments to keep it consistent especially if they want to play with more interesting and unusual angles.

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