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Autism Work January Presentation

january presentation .14.01.19

The Animatic has gone on quite a journey, and so am I as I try to finalise it, I’ve been looking back on myself for answers and I’ve been reading over books that define things like anxiety and autism, like Understanding Autism by Susan Dodd, just to remind myself of things like mannerisms that I should/could include and things that will help me get the visuals over better.

As I have uncertainty over the effectiveness of the last segment of the animatic I’ve been trying to develop more ideas one of which I took from this shot from a short animated comedic sketch of a cat.

From this I thought: Maybe I could have my character join a box stand like this outside, filled with others that look like him. The crowds would walk past, and like a magic trick the character is no longer there and is actually a small child curled up unusually amongst the display which when another crowd comes by they stop and stare.

melon cat.png


I think I also need to re-evaluate the “message” and what the piece is saying over all.

I know the idea was born from a delicate and powerful emotion but how much of that really matters in 90 seconds? Is the piece better off being dark and sad or has it changed? Things like that I need to re-evaluate. So I’m going to try and collect more feedback.

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