6DM 022 · 6DM 029 · 6DM028

Animatic Progress 2


Now at 22 seconds this rough plan steps away from the storyboard, where I tried to use my initiative to fill in the last seconds.

It will not be this fast in the final production. I may test to see if I can upload a 8 frames per second version that will play slower so it’s easier to present next time. That way I can explain my thought process better.

I’ve also done my best to roughly incorporate light and dark. I wasn’t sure how to apply it for the bottle scene as in such a rough sequence, I was worried that the bottle wouldn’t get read well when explaining it over.

I am still deciding whether to go black and white or not. And I need to adjust the perspective and scale of some of the drawings.

In my head I was thinking of going for dark moody blues similar to that of the rainy song sequence “Tell me Lies” in “Cats Don’t Dance”.




With maybe a soundtrack similar to that of “Beneath the Mask” from Persona 5. However it all depends on the direction the visuals take. Something else might better fit. I may not need such an emphasis from the music or the visuals.



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