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Tania Marshall

“Tania Marshall, M.Sc., is a psychologist, an award winning author and a 2015 & 2016 ASPECT Autism Australia National Recognition Award Nominee (Advancement Category).” -http://taniamarshall.com/
She also runs workshops, holds interviews and runs a radio show to discuss and explain autism to both professionals and non professionals like families.

Her work is also influential in the UK and the US, I had her recommended to me a couple of times by support staff who have worked with me when I asked them for research pointers, so she’s a well recognised name with autism work.

I’m sure she’s covered males on the spectrum but I’ve picked her out as well, for her research on women/girls with autism. Often there is less research on women, a common trait means we’re better at mimicking or “hiding” the autism and we don’t get recognised or diagnosed as frequently. We’re typically “Quieter” though naturally as autism is ever so flexible some common traits will not apply to all girls on the spectrum which is the same for boys. That’s why it’s so positive to see publications and research like:
“I am Aspiengirl” below.

Tania Marshall Book.PNG

Like most psychologists on autism I’ve found, their research began or is situated within child behavioural psychology, and this is why I’m glad some of the well known experts like Tania, expand their research into adults too. As she made a sequel to “Aspiengirl”, called “Aspienwoman” which covers the changes or challenges with adulthood for females on the spectrum.

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