6DM 016

Visualisation Mock Ups

Mock up 1.jpg

This one I feel like I achieved the technique but it looks boring, my brain went blank because I knew I could layer it up more but I couldn’t think of how. So this feels like the practise piece mock up.

I also quickly through on an image of some movie font to see how that would look too as I haven’t got access to the logo. I don’t think this is the font I want. I think I want more 1950’s Like the image below. That or I’ll have to make my own!

Image result for 1950's poster

I don’t think I’ve quite captured the 1950’s poster essence yet.

While I was working I referred to these Photoshop video tutorials/step by step guides to create this.








Thanks to one of the videos I got the paper texture I used from this link for free.



mock 2

mock 2.1

This last one is getting closer to what I had in mind, a lecturer suggested a filter website to do some of the major work for me, all I have to do is reset this image to how I want to and play around with the filters, to find an oil paint finish that captures the feeling I want.
Probably going to move that font/text too and make a few more tweaks with some nicer pictures. But I feel it’s starting to look more modern already, I hope the client will like what I achieve.



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