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Idents- Research

I began looking at the Channel 4 Idents, to give me a flavour for what’s been currently done.
I also looked at older idents from other channels for a taste of what has been done before and jotted notes and ideas about why they’re effective.

Most of these idents are not 20 seconds long, 20 seems to be the maximum established time for an ident, and the videos themselves are just compilations of the idents so it made it easier viewing for me to study them.

Figure 1: Thumbnail for Video for Channel 4 | Idents Oct 31, 2017

These idents played with another theme, but I believe that’s why it works, by working with a theme it’s more rememberable. And Channel 4 has often played with the theme of breaking apart their 4 logo and using it in creative ways.

Figure 2: Thumbnail for BBC Three Re-brand idents (Jan 2016)

This is another compilation of idents from when BBC Three re-branded and went online.

The BBC three idents speak to me because of their creativity and art house feeling which is what I’m thinking about doing for the client piece. Though these aren’t the current idents, they were visually on trend and modern for the time, and as my client audience is 16-30 it made sense to look at something contemporary.

Figure 3: CBBC 2007-2010 ident collection Feb 4, 2016

These are a sense of nostalgia for me, I find they do their job well at keeping a younger audience entertained and watching. And each ident played with the logo/the letter of the logo in it’s own way, which left the audience with a sense of curiosity for what they were going to see next. I also like the use of different patterns and textures.

Figure 4: BBC Three idents (UK, 2008-2013) Published Dec 2, 2015

(Watch from about 30 seconds in for the idents)

Looking at the old rebranding, for BBC Three there didn’t seem to be a limit for imagination as long as that logo remained consistent.

I also liked the world creation they used and the bizarre wonderland like feeling it gave.

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