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Monologue Drafts

Three of my September/October drafts that I’m working on. It’s within 90 seconds just about, I believe one of them came to 1.25 when read out loud, however I’m still trying to see if I can make it more comfortable to read e.g. more breathing space.  And I’m in the search for readers and voice actors.

Alice Why am I here ii

EDIT by Alice Stacey

why am I here draft 2

I’ve contacted a friend, Emily Hancock about voice actors or drama students who might be willing. She is also a student but is heavily involved in the arts and drama. I might even consider talking to her about sound design as she frequently plays with sound editing software as she’d be able to give me advice.

This is a podcast she’s written/directed with fellow students as proof that I’m not just picking her out of closeness but that she has worked on projects and would be able to help me seriously.




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