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Dinosaur Idea

I thought of a short film idea about a child who has a broken toy, the parents throw it away, promising a new one and the child watches the van come to take it away and what he thinks is the end of his little toy.

A light-hearted comedic idea with some metaphors towards social attitudes and magic. Possibly some metaphors towards how adults treat children, but I think it was more the idea of how we treat objects and recycling.

I decided that the toy will be a dinosaur for plot reasons and the first thing I thought of was my baby nephew’s dinosaur for inspiration that we got him back in 2018 before the third year began. I really liked the shape and softness of the toy with its colourful ribbons.

So why a dinosaur? I thought that when the dinosaur ends up in the dustbin van/lorry it seems like its gone for good and is about to be crushed and destroyed.

However as soon as the parents offer the child a new toy as soon as it seems the van/lorry is about to leave.
A dinosaur head breaks out of the roof and it starts to eat the van/lorry until there is nothing left but a mess and some scared drivers. The kid watching on in awe as his best friend is alive and BIG and isn’t gone with a lot of shock from bystanders and his parents.

Re-visit update: If I had gone with this idea I was tempted to learn how to knit and create a mini version of the dinosaur in wool to have on my desk to refer to. It didn’t end up this way

-upload pre story board art

And if I had chosen this idea, I would have treated it similarly to the autism project by taking it through pre-development steps, which would involve creating characters and further development on the dinosaur toy designs for starters, after this film perhaps I’ll go back to it.

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