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Water Colour Practise- Cure Peach

I’ve found images from an artist I like on tumblr who on tumblr goes by Jplee however as they’re a Japanese artist I don’t know a lot more about them and I’ve decided to practise my skills by recreating the picture my way while trying to use similar techniques that the artist used. Which seems to be pencil and wash with a mix of wet on wet and normal application of water colours, I really like the confidence of the colours.

This first image of a character that Jplee has drawn is Cure Peach from an ongoing Japanese animated series based on a manga (comic) called Pretty Cure/ Purikyua created written by Izumi Todo and illustrated by Futago Kamikita and produced by Toei Animation where the character designs for the show were created by Hisashi Kagawa.

Cure Peach Jpleefresh precure

This was my first attempt. I like this piece however my water colour paper wasn’t quite the best quality, so the paint wasn’t easy to lift off the page when I wanted it to so I didn’t have the best control over the media that I could have had, I wasn’t able to control how much white space I had. Regardless I feel I did well.


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