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Summer Art Classes

I’ve been going to some local art classes being taught by a local artist to where I live called Mark Lippett.

I’m going to upload my practises separately with short bios of what they’re about.

He is self taught and decided to retire from music and take his interest in art further and now uses his experience to help others. He’s very talented and smart and seems to have a wide knowledge of different medias to be able to help people.

He’s tried a range of medias but seems to use pens and ink a lot and paints. And he bases pieces on the local area like Cannock Chase and what he’s interested in.

I’ve really enjoyed having him as a tutor, he communicates well to me and encourages me, and I might continue sessions next year/semester if I can timetable letting me that is.

In the practises I’ve done while there I’ve used things I like as basis for trying new things rather than try to produce something new off the top of my head each time, or I’ve used reference images provided by Mark.

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