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Rian Hughes

I learnt about Rian Hughes initially in high school but never really did any research. But I’ve changed that decision and I’ve decided to include him in my blog because I think he’s a really interesting artist!

From what I know Rian Hughes was born in 1963 in London where he still lives and works.
I’ve included a link to his web page below.

rian hughes

I never found out what book this quote came from in high school but on the photocopy of the page on him I found in my room he is quoted to have said this:

“My work sits squarely between design and illustration. For me the type is as much an integral part of the image-making process as the image itself.”

And I don’t think I can sum up his work any better myself.

From looking at his art I would make an educated guess that he mainly uses digital soft wares like Adobe illustrator and Photoshop

But I wouldn’t be surprised if he also used Brush and ink and Pencil medias 

My research from the old photocopy also suggests he’s had some big clients and some big awards including:

Virgin airlines, MTV, Mother, st lukes, mcCann eriksson, JWT, DC Comics, The Face, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, BBC, The guardian, cartoon network, marvel comics, penguin books, hasbro

As well as Selected awards like :

NY art directors club 79th annual awards

AP&PB Best use of print 1996

BDA international 1996 (broadcasting design awards)

Campaign press advertising awards 1995

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