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3RD YEAR PREP 25/05/18

(TO BE EDITED) At the present moment I’ve decided to specialise in making short films next year all of which could go towards competitions or portfolio work as it’ll show case things I can do.

So I’ve been mind mapping at the minute for the short films some things were easier to flesh out and jot down than others. Though I could generate ideas this phase was tricky as nothing felt like a 1 minute film they just felt like balloons in the air, knowing I had to shoot some of them down but which ones? Nothing seemed special or rewarding about these ideas yet.


Some of the ideas I’ve tried thinking about further include: Autism, Mindfulness, flip books, Character Animation

Mindfulness- I was inspired by a track on a “Relax” CD and wanted to recreate the feeling of calm I imagined in my head.


Autism- personal experience and would connect to the idea of the essay I’m thinking of writing which is autism and censorship/ animation and censorship


I was inspired by a flip book I picked up for a pound at the charity shop to revisit flip books from the first year. I tried trying to find others like it from the website and names on the back of the flip book, to see if there was a store where I could pick up or see others by the same make but I had no luck.

Flipbooks-  cons


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