19th November 2016 MCM Birmingham Comic Con


I went with a close friend of mine to Comic Con in Birmingham Shortly after the Animation Festival in 2016. The above is a picture of a magazine I got while there.

I personally have gone to comic conventions a few times now, and I can highly recommend them for people who are interested in animation! Me and my friend have been to the one in Birmingham a couple of times at the NEC which is a good one to go to in the west midlands for those in the UK.

It’s often something we try and plan to do together if we’re both free as it’s quite daunting to go on your own because of the large crowds of people that attend but it’s a lot of fun, with panels, typically of celebrities or celebrity voice actors and merchandise and lots of art!

The layout and what’s available is always different each year with new releases and trends which makes it exciting each time you go.

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